Frequently Asked ...

What is integrative coaching?

Integrative coaching is a one-on-one process designed to support you in becoming the fully expressed authentic person you dream of being. By embracing all aspects of who you are and your life experiences, you become open to receiving the gifts and wisdom of your life's lessons to obtain an entirely new perspective. You re-claim your true self and the many possibilities the future holds for you with a step-by-step plan to reach what you desire.

This process is a sophisticated, interactive "picture book" of your life experiences, a finely tuned communication system, employing proven techniques and universal motifs unrestricted by time, culture, and semantics. You'll learn to listen with your heart, and in the process, your unconscious (shadows) will become conscious. You'll heighten your self awareness, free your emotions, heal your heart and sweep away your limitations.

What are the differences between integrative coaching and other life coaching programs?

Integrative coaching bears little resemblance to many other coaching styles because this model is designed to be profound and life altering. You'll find yourself in a transitional growing process, choosing to relinquish old ideas, attitudes and behaviors that are no longer working. You will learn to make way for new, empowering experiences and behaviors for the foreseeable future.

These integrative coaching programs are designed to introduce you to a world of possibilities that will inspire and excite you by asking you the right questions to generate self-growth, self-awareness and provoke personal development. You'll acquire a new set of life tools to reinvent yourself for the future you desire. This style of coaching does not tell a client what to do, rather it empowers you with the tools to make wise, healthy and successful life choices on your own.

Is this style of coaching connected with religion in any way?

As an integrative coach I am not attached to any discipline or doctrine, because we know that by each of us fulfilling our full potential, we add to our universe in a way that no one else can. This style of coaching is not religious based. It is clearly the client's choice to follow and practice his or her own faith. Whether spiritual or universal, it's about encouraging clients to follow their own hearts, their inner wisdom and access their own Divine guidance. Integrative coaching supports you in living your "wholeness" - an integration of your mind, body and spirit.

Who hires an integrative coach? Is this process for me?

An integrative coach is for anyone who is motivated to make a change in his or her life. Almost anyone who is ready to stop doing "what isn't working" and start "doing things that do work" will benefit from having an integrative coach. Anyone can benefit from coaching as long as you have the desire to be coached and make significant changes in you life. If you are truly ready to create a successful life for yourself, then, yes, this process is absolutely for you.

My clients come from diverse backgrounds ranging from corporate executives to single mothers. Each of them comes to coaching with unique goals yet they all share one thing in common: the desire to make significant changes in their lives. Sometimes we limit ourselves consciously or unconsciously. We get stuck. Perhaps your life has changed and you haven't caught up to it yet. You're in a new relationship and haven't let go of the heartache of the last one. You want to let go of your past. You're in the midst of a separation or divorce. Maybe you're struggling because your children have grown up and left home. Maybe you believe there's more out there and want to find out what the "more" might be for you. Maybe you are tired of looking for your soul mate on the Internet.

Let go of what you know yourself to be, for what you can and will become. Give yourself the chance to explore the higher purpose in your life. This is what integrative coaching is all about; it's about YOU.

What can I expect from an integrative coaching experience?

What you'll learn may intrigue and delight you, and reassure or confirm your suspicions that there is a higher purpose for your life. The insights you'll obtain from your very first session will surprise you. Your confidence will grow with each additional session. Through it all, you will be in the driver's seat. You will decide whether or not, and how, to take action on your new insights. In fact, you will be actively involved from start to finish. Coaching works by evoking responses from you. It triggers your memories, feelings or mental associations, and as a result, you expand your awareness of what's possible in particular situations, relationships or other areas of your life.

Integrative coaching is here to support, guide and inspire you to succeed both personally and professionally. It was once said, "Nobody gets to the Olympics without a coach". So how could you win your greatest life without one?

This is not about some far-flung dream outside of your reality. These programs guide you to envision the life you wish to lead, identify your roadblocks, pinpoint the way you want to express your passion and enjoy your life in the process.

You will want to take the time to understand every nuance of each session. With my support and guidance, you will uncover the highest vision for your life and clear away whatever stands between you and the future you desire. You will do so in a sequence that is easily understood, with each session building on the previous one and assisting you to integrate the work you've already done. I will hold you accountable for the life you are eager to live, guide you to uncover your deepest desires, help you activate powerful distinctions that will transform your life, help you find your authentic voice and become a powerful communicator, lead you toward self discovery of your unique gifts and contributions to the world, and teach you to stay in action and follow your dreams.

What's the first step?

An integrative coaching relationship typically begins with a personal interview to see if you and the coach are the best "fit" for each other. The interview will also help clearly identify your present challenges and opportunities, explain available programs and answer questions, decide what program is right for you at this time, and agree upon the cost, structure and format. Contact me to schedule a free interview.