Clear a path to greatness

You already are great. This 13-week program uncovers your soul’s blueprint for the life that you desire. This potent coaching model will help you uncover your greatest contributions and support you in being courageous, bold and unstoppable. Embark on this profound journey and unveil the blueprint of your destiny while being guided through the shadows that stand between your most authentic, successful, and greatest self.

Blueprint Rewards:

  • Identify and observe the underlying beliefs that undermine your success
  • End your self-sabotaging behaviors and clear the path to your unique greatness
  • Uncover a core Shadow Belief that has been the unconscious driver of many of your life choices
  • Create an action plan that promises to deliver you a life you desire

Stripped of your limitations, outdated beliefs, fears and heartache, you are left in the presence of your own greatness. Are you ready to expose and relinquish the shadows of your past and embrace everlasting fulfillment?

Future Focused Coaching Program

Create a new reality for yourself

Can you imagine a dream, a plan, a step-by-step map to follow, to a purposeful life. Create a vision for your life that will inspire, excite and propel you to become the person you want to be. Even if right now you don't know what that is. This is a program where you will experience the power of this coaching work to achieve a future focused result. In this transformative 13-week coaching process, you’ll identify what’s most important to you. Then you’ll design a plan that includes daily actions and weekly breakthroughs to ensure that you realize the highest vision for your life. I will help you define and take specific and productive action that will propel you forward in your life with confidence, clarity, and integrity.

Future-Focused Rewards:

  • Create a compelling vision for your life
  • Awaken your deepest desires
  • Liberate yourself from past regrets and bad habits
  • Enhance your self-confidence
  • Manage your expectations
  • Examine your beliefs
  • Limit excuses
  • Eliminate judgement
  • Achieve the vision and goal you want to achieve

Experience the possibilities that are waiting for you! Are you ready to put that plan in place and be guided to an extraordinary life?

Spiritual Divorce

Transform pain into power

Any unhappy or broken relationship can cause heartache and pain, whether from a divorce, separation, or some present or past unresolved relationship with a parent, partner, spouse, sibling or friend. The heartache can rock the very foundation of one’s life. Spiritual Divorce Private Coaching is a 14-week private coaching program designed to support you in building a new unshakable future filled with love, compassion and deep meaning. I will lead you through a proven process that is guaranteed to support you in releasing the pain, disappointment and guilt of any past or present relationship, not just a marital divorce. It will lead you out of fear into a new vision of a future that you will love. Use the ending and healing of any relationship as the catalyst to create and live your most extraordinary life by turning ruin into renewal.

Spiritual Divorce Rewards:

  • Liberate yourself from heartache in the present or past
  • Rebuild your confidence
  • Learn to heal your heart and love yourself
  • Create a compelling vision of love in your life
  • Live a life of compassion and meaning

Are you ready for a personal guide to help you get your smile back?