Karen | Gloucester, MA

"My work with Joe has opened up new ways of thinking about old events that have influenced my life over many years. Offering an approach to self-awareness and self-fulfillment that is both heartfelt and pragmatic, Joe's ability to engage, empathize, and evaluate helped me to open my own windows of wisdom about the sometimes hidden or misunderstood events that have shaped my life."

Jay | Cape Cod, MA

"After a bankruptcy and divorce Joe was a great source of strength when I was stuck in my life; he helped me find a new feeling of empowerment, self worth, and renewed optimism for my future. I’m now working for myself again and enjoying a new healthy relationship."

Jean | Gloucester, MA

"The Blueprint sessions that I experienced with Joe were both instructional and enlightening. I was sort of stuck in a place where I was doing too many things and having a difficult time focusing. In the 12-week program I was able to let go of two of my responsibilities, allowing myself the time off to refocus my energy on the areas of interest for my life direction. I am currently pursuing this one area of study and work and feel so much more focused and accomplished. Along with the work focus came a new approach to managing my home life raising two teenagers. For me this program was priceless. Thanks, Joe"

Daren | Gloucester, MA

"Joe Profetto combines warmth and humor with gentle firmness in a supportive nonjudgmental style in holding you accountable for the goals that you set in the Best Year of Your Life Coaching program. He deftly balances his nurturing support with honest feedback while keeping his own ego in check to assist you in revealing to yourself choices and changes you can take to optimize all areas of your life toward greater self-actualization. There is a wonderful feeling of empowerment and accomplishment that comes with acquiring basic life-tools simply by working the step-by-step Life Coaching process with a caring, kind, and attentive person like Joe Profetto." 

Larry | Beverly Farms, MA

"After much thought I decided to take the plunge and try a personal coach to help me better understand some of the decisions I had made which had brought me to a certain place in both my financial and personal life. Having Joe Profetto take me through two programs, Blueprint and Spiritual Divorce, each process over a 12-week period was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. We talked about self growth and how to bring order into my life. Through Joe's encouragement I was able to achieve all of the goals that we had set out at the beginning and was able to explore area's of my life that I had long buried and forgotten. Joe helped me uncover a spirituality that I never knew I had. What more can I say but that the path is long and winding but if you have someone like Joe by your side you can walk it with a new found spring in your step."