about joe

I’m Joe Profetto and I’m excited about helping you hear, listen and act on the sound of your inner voice calling you to create a life of greater self-awareness, higher purpose and greatest potential.

You have the strength and courage to transform pain into power, clear a path to greatness and live a life of awe, and I’m here to show you how.

My introduction to coaching came at a pivotal time in my life. I had just come back from a 500-mile life altering pilgrimage across Spain called the Camino, a journey that I hoped would help me choose a new direction for my life. Upon my return, I was unexpectedly faced with the ending of a 20-year marriage and the death of my mother. I found myself facing overwhelming loss and change but thanks to that new sense of direction I found in Spain, I was determined to find strength in adversity.

So I attended my first Shadow Process Workshop with Debbie Ford and immediately began to turn the tide from years of personal pain. This period of transformation allowed me to discover how growing up with dyslexia influenced my core beliefs and perception of my life’s responsibilities. I grew up believing that I simply didn’t measure up. In working with my Shadow, I came to understand the gifts contained within my early struggles. I could finally see that out of my self-doubt as a boy, I was compelled to become a man of self-reliance and independence. Out of an early sense of alienation and shame because I couldn’t read or write as a child, I had become an adult who approaches others with openness and compassion. In doing the intensive inner work to make peace with my past, I’ve cultivated an emotional wholeness that guides me every day of my life. I could have never imagined the gifts that I would receive from such a painful life experience.

What I have learned through listening to “My Calling” was that what I wanted most from my life was to become an Integrative Coach, to be of service and give back to my community. As the owner of a successful printing brokerage company for 30 years, I bring an extraordinary depth of professional experience to my work as a coach. As a leader in the arenas of business and personal development, I’m a master at helping individuals identify their goals, clarify their objectives and overcome limitations on their way to achieving the outstanding results they desire. I began my extensive four-year training with the Ford Institute for Transformational Training to become a Certified Integrative Coach Professional in 2005. I’ve assisted numerous Shadow Process workshops across the country and I’m a member of the International Coaching Federation, an organization committed to the advancement of the coaching profession.

Your calling, your inner voice is coming from your heart. If summoned, heard and answered, your calling will change your life forever as it did mine. Are you ready to learn how to listen and answer that call, one safe step at a time? If not now, when? What do you have to lose? Go for it!

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